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These sparkly hollow cupcakes are hand cast in transparent glass using the lost wax process: I started with real frosting that I let dry until it was rock hard. From the frosting I made a silicone rubber mold and fill it with liquid wax. When cool, the wax is cleaned up and invested in a plaster silica mold and when it is dry the wax is steamed out, hence the term lost wax. The void is filled with glass and the piece is fired in a digitally controlled kiln for more than 72 hours. When it finally comes out of the kiln the piece is carefully inspected and the bottoms are ground flat and sand blasted.

Each beautiful cupcake is completely unique and handmade by me in my Nampa, Idaho studio.

The bottom is hollow and is waiting to be filled with your special treat!
It stands 3.25" tall and is 3.5" wide at the center.

These cupcake keepsakes make wonderful gifts and would be great for weddings, showers or birthday gifts. Contact me if you would like a specific color combination to suit your occasion.

Cast glass cupcakes
Cast Glass